Mantario Trail Challenge 2017


All funds raised by the Mantario Trail Challenge 2017 will go towards the CanU Lead Awards Scholarship Fund, a program created by CanU that empowers Winnipeg children to pursue a post-secondary education. A child publicly receiving an affirmation of his or her future hopes and dreams (this year we gave out 34 scholarships, to be held in trust until post-secondary) is a truly transformative experience, both for myself and for our kids.

The second Mantario Trail Challenge raised over $26,000, and this time we set a goal, as a team, of $30000 to the scholarship fund. For every dollar raised, the Winnipeg Foundation will match 1:1 (thus, our overall target is $60,000). But, remarkably, through a tremendous response and a $15,000 single donation we find ourself with the potential of getting to $50,000 which would mean that the total contribution to the CanU Scholarship fund (with The Winnipeg Foundation match) would be $100,000. Thanks for helping us to get to an amazing number.

In exchange for the sweat and toil of this team, we are hoping to have our friends sponsor one (or all!) of our eight Trekkers. The opportunities to pledge support range from our oldest and slowest model, yours truly, to speedy young CanU university students.

If this crazy endeavour of our's is something you would like to partner with us donate securely at


- Roger Berrington, CanU Executive Director